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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magic weight loss

Funny thing. The last few weeks I have been a little funk. I was getting a little bored with CF after my 1 year anniversary. I was getting tired of not eating bread, pasta, rice, sugar., etc...

So I admit that I was cheating a little on my diet. A few slices of pizza here, pasta and bread at a restaurant (like regular people.)

Also, I was going a little half-assed at CF. Showing up, but not giving it my all - which is SO wrong. But looking back, I know I was.

Guess what - over two weeks I put on 6 pounds. Then last weekend. I got my self together. Got some more energy and effort at CFOT. And got my diet back on track according to Mark Sisson and the Primal Blueprint. Diet is so key. 5 days later, I have dropped 4 pounds and have a scary amount of energy. The last three days at CFOT I went Elite, Elite and destroyed the HSPU WOD if I must say. I have seen it work for me, and I have seen what happens when I get off track. It is crazy.


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