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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run, box jumps C&J

400m runs
Then 30, 24, 18, box jumps
Then 3 rounds. 15, 12,9 Clean and Jerk - 165# (my weight +2#)

Bloody, sweaty and bruised but not broken. Pretty happy actually.


  1. I think you've officially surpassed me, bro (not that I think you were chasing me) but looks like I gotta start chasing you!

  2. Sean, I am not chasing anyone and I doubt anyone is chasing me. Especially you. You have better technique and ability in about 99 out of the 100 things that we do in CF.

    Today was just a good one for me just based on my god given strength. Honestly, my form was poor, and my runs were slow. But I seem to be able to C&J that weight all day, despite not using great technique. So I was able to catch up a little.

    Imagine if I ever used better technique. I would be pretty good at this stuff. 2010 is my year to do that, but today I was pleased with myself based on just powering through. Sometimes that is fun.