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Friday, March 05, 2010

First Friday - Badger

In real life. Badgers are cute furry little guys. In the world of Crossfit WOD's, "Badger" is a leg punishing bruising ordeal.

3 rounds for time:

30- squat cleans - 95#
30 - pullups
800m run

Time 37:45 (Start 23:00 End 60:45)

The runs were damn long and lonely. I hoped to recover a little for the next round, but I also tried to keep the pace up a little. 30 squat cleans are a lot.

My goal was actually to work on my clean technique - especially fast elbows and releasing the bar at the top. I think these 90 reps gave me a good opportunity to do that. Some were better than others, but overall, the form was an improvement and something I need to carry forward to heavier cleans.

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