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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Thoughts a week before Sectional Season

First of all, I am sore as can be. A very tough week of Crossfit and I overdid it. I had a couple of weeks of finding good balance - 4 times a week of cf, plus yoga once, and lots of mobility work. This week was bad. 5 days of cf. No yoga. Too much work. Couple of nights out late, couple of nights with a few drinks. No mobility work. And here I sit on Sunday night - completely not ready for a week of training. Contrast that with just a week ago - when I was tan, ready and rested after a smarter week.

I need to be smart this week and roll out, do my mobility and not hit every wod.

On another front. The Paleo Challenge. Pete's Paleo Challenge to be exact. I am pretty much ending that. At least the diligent point tracking aspect. My weight hit a low of 158. That makes 5 pounds since Jan 1 - and I do not want to lose any more. I am a step away from shopping at Nordstroms Kids. I have had a cheat meal here and there in the past week, but still my diet is much better than it used to be and I am much more aware of my food choices and their effects. Time to let it go.

Work - did I mention I am working too much. Just had to cancel my Spring Break trip. I have to stay behind and my wife and daughter are going to the dream resort - The El Conquistador in Puerto Rico - for a week. I really needed the break, and this is devastating. At least I have something to focus on when I want to get angry during a wod.

There you go. Tired and Angry. See, my life isn't perfect.


  1. Mark-Sounds like you have a good plan laid out. Just don't forget the SLEEP part!! I know you'll have all else in order, but nothing beats a good night sleep. Good luck this week!

  2. Thanks Erin. Diet, Sleep and recovery are my main goals this week. Go CFOT!