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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cleans & Jerks, and Grace

WOD1.) Every minute on the minute for TEN minutes perform 1 Clean and Jerk. Load should be heavy, form should be perfect.

I was late to CF - so no warm up. I did a few reps, added weight and got started with 165. I added 10# every round, ending with 205 - which happens to equal my clean pr. There you go. I was not even thinking about the cleans. Just walked up to the bar and cleaned my PR twice (in 60 seconds) with relative ease. I'm guessing I could do a little more if I tried. Love it.

WOD2.) “Grace” 30 Clean & Jerks for time 95w, 135M - First time through in over a year - maybe 2. 3:50. OK, but nowhere close to all the sub 3s that happened today. What a place. The better you get, the farther behind you fall. Love that too.

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