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Friday, March 04, 2011

First Friday - Diane

So First Friday is pick your own workout. When you PR on the deadlift and handstand puhsups in a week, of course Diane is on tap. 21/15/9 of 225 deadlifts and hspu.

I had done this twice before:
Sept 09 - 8:40
Dec 09 - 7:40

Today 4:24!!!

Round 1:
It felt great out of the gate. I warmed up for a long time and my mobility was good. The first deadlifts were fast and furious. I stopped at 8 and took 3 breaths. Did 7 and took 3 breaths and then did 6 = 21 The last 6 started to get harder. hspu's were pretty much the same.

Back to the bar at about 1:30
Although it was only 15 reps, I was feeling it - mostly in the low back - and my strength was fading. I think I did 5/4/3/3.

Last round
Just holding on. Maybe 3/2/2/2. No strength left and my form was less than ideal.

But that first round was something. I felt like a legit crossfitter for at least 30 seconds.

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