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Sunday, March 20, 2011


This has been a long time coming. Almost 3 months to be exact.

From the start of Pete's Paleo Challenge, and from the day I signed up to do the Crossfit Sectionals Open. So for almost 3 months I been very strict with the diet. Heavy on the protein, fruit and veggies - and very low on the grains and sugars. I have lost a few pounds, gotten stronger, and felt great. But I have also missed a few foods.

So a few weeks back, I decided that on the day after the first Open WOD (yesterday) - that I would have a pre meditated cheat day. Granted I was also supposed to be on vacation and was going to do this in an island paradise setting. It was going to be glorious. But Old Town was pretty nice today too (if you erase the 10 hours I spent in the office on a Sunday.)

So how bad was I - and how did I like it.

Wake up - 6 am to walk the dog. 5 hours of sleep. Out of habit I had my Vitamin C drink and protein, green powder and fish oil. Damn it, I am supposed to be cheating!

8 am - take the papers (Post and Times) to Mishas and plow through both with 2 iced coffees and 2 croissants. Added cream to my coffee, cause I'm a rebel. I hate the way sugar tastes now, so I did not do that. Feeling a little bloated and lethargic after that.

10- Yoga - I am not a very good cheater.

noon - at work. Went to lunch with my boss. He eats terribly as a rule. Overwood has a nice Sunday brunch and I had pancakes with butter and syrup. Tasted pretty good. But I feel worse.

5 pm - went home from work and ordered a pizza. Small. Ate half of it. I felt disgusting. Could not eat another bite. Felt tired and took a nap. Woke up 2 hours later feeling groggy.

8pm - dinner with Chad/Sue (Hollywood/Bollywood) to talk work. Ate polenta and meatballs and mozzarella and tomato. Feel full and terrible. Ate very little of it.

9 - back at work. Couple of hours to go. The nap set me back.

Thoughts - An all out cheat day once in a blue moon is not a bad idea. Similar to trying to smoke a whole pack cigs or drinking a whole bottle of liquor in one sitting. You are not going to want to see the stuff for a while. And that is kind of where I am.

So I am glad I did it, and don't miss much of this at all. Kind of a fun experimental day.

Back on the program - starting..... now!

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