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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still iffy

Roto virus - damn you. It is now Saturday afternoon and I have not felt 100% in 2 full days. Have not had a full meal since Thursday breakfast. I am down to 159 pounds and dropping. Luckily I am finally feeling better. I need to get my weight and strength back up. Tonight, dinner with friends who may be the best Italian cooks that I know. I see some non Paleo pasta in my immediate future.

That gets me thinking about the weight vs strength tradeoff. SInce starting Pete's Paleo Challenge and with this nasty bug, I have dropped about 5 pounds. Not like I had a ton to lose in the first place. So I am always wondering if weight loss will hurt my power or stamina at all. And what is my ideal weight? Given the deadlifts, cleans and heavy Fran that I have done in the past 2 weeks, I don't think I am weaker, but who knows.

What I need though is a true test. Max deadlift x1 or max clean x1. Luckily coming up this Friday is pick your own workout. I will spend 30 minutes working on one of these two tests of power. Then I will hit a quick met con. Fran? Ever since doing heavy Fran, I feel like trying Fran again. 95# sounds a lot better than 135# and those pullups will go a lot easier without the 45# bell around my waist. Can I beat the 5:19 from the summer? I hope so.

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