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Friday, January 14, 2011

Kelly Starrett

After hitting the lunch workout with the group at Crossfit San Francisco, I returned to get my knee checked out by Kelly Starrett. I was worried, because for several weeks, I had pain when I squatted or tried to fold my right leg. Was it serious? It certainly was not getting any better.

Kelly is the master. He observes how you stand, or sit and translates that into a flexibility shortcoming. It is a little intimidating, when someone looks at you and you know you can't even manage to stand or sit without some major fault. Then he had me do a squat, and he immediately noted that my knee was not tracking over my foot. Not even close. Somewhere along the line, my lower leg had gotten turned and was fighting with itself. The side effects were pain when closing the knee joint, swelling and tightness behind the knee. Also, my hip range of motion was poor causing even more trouble when trying to squat.

That is a lot of crap wrong. And Kelly spent a long, long time stretching, pushing, pulling, and leaning on me. That little construction trailer of an office he has, most certainly has housed some major suffering. After some painful moments for me, we retested and things were much better. He sent me home with some homework, and ordered me to let him know how I felt later.

He also took time to be very complimentary on my fitness. When you have an injury and are feeling down, sometimes that helps, and between fixing me up and the little pep talk, I felt much better. And over the course of almost 2 hours, we talked Crossfit. Everything from how it benefits us, to my cartoon, our kids, mutual friends, and books by Tim Ferriss, Robb Wolf, and others. I am sure he had other stuff to do, but he is just so generous with his time.

Best part was, the next morning I woke up with no pain or tightness behind my knee. First time in months. Voila. He is a genius.
All time.

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  1. Super cool Marky D! Glad you knee is feeling better and you figured out what's wrong.