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Friday, January 14, 2011

Crossfit Santa Clara

My company is moving a small office from Mountain View, CA to Santa Clara. Only 15 miles, but traffic there is a nightmare, and this will help the senior person out a lot. And me too, because CF Santa Clara is owned by CF Games 08 champ, Jason Khalipa.

Gave me a great excuse to get over there and see him.

He coached the class before the one I attended, but I got to meet him and say hello. He is not as tall as I expected, but very stocky and a ball of energy. His eyes are constantly darting around, and his he has a ton of energy. Then, his day was done, and I was ready to hit the wod. Angie - which is 100 of pullups, pushups, sit ups and air squats. A great body weight workout and I finished in just under 17 minutes.

Their warmup was very long - almost 15 minutes. 400m run and then a ton of lunges, burpees, jumps, etc. I was tired of being on the road, and was wearing down, but this wod helped revive me a little. Back home now. And happy to be here.

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