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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Progenix is Crap?

According to Brian McKenzie it is. Protein mixed with sugar.

He is pushing Stronger Faster and Healthier

Here is his blog post talking about it all. The guy is a bad ass and says what he believes. Without investigating the science, I trust him. He is talking some serious crap about some people, which is what I like about the guy. You know what he is thinking. Exactly.

So, I have ordered some products from SPH and the liquid fish oil is good. Easier to take than a ton of pills as i mix it in with my morning smoothie (water/protein/green food* and now SPH oil)

*The "Green Food" i Juvo brand Natural raw meal. A mix of a ton of veggies made into a powder. I have also ordered the designs for health brand, and go back and forth. Both are pricey, but I think worth it unless you eat the proper amounts of veg.

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