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Saturday, January 22, 2011


20 minutes AMRAP
2 clean and jerk (80% or so of your 1 rep max)
6 burpee
9 wall ball

So I have been busy at work lately. Very busy. Only made it to CF 3 times this week, so I was a little angry and wanted to get the most out of this one.

I think that I have clean and jerked 200. 205 is my max clean, so maybe I could jerk that too if I had the correct technique. 80% of that would be 160 or 165. But like I wrote above - so I went 185.

Looking at the board, only 2 people went heavier then that all day. One being Jerry at 205 - but he is not human. Coach Sean also went 185, but he is a ton bigger than me.

So lets just say I bit off a big challenge. For 10 minutes I bulled through 4 rounds. In round 4 my back was arching on the jerks, so I decided to back off and keep up the intensity. Went to 155 and did almost another 4 rounds.

Wowser. That was a bruiser.

I am guessing next time we do cleans that 205 is not my PR anymore.

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