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Sunday, January 09, 2011

First Friday, pick your poison: Linda

I have been feeling beaten up with my knee in pretty bad shape and my shoulder a little sore. Feeling sorry for myself, I chose and old school strength workout that did not require me flopping onto the floor at the end, or red-hot intensity. So I picked Linda.

10 reps of 150% bodyweight deadlift, bodyweight bench press, and 75% bodyweight squat cleans. Then 9 reps of each, then 8 and so on down to 1 rep of each.

I have recently dipped below 160#, and right before starting I weighed in at 159.8. Which is crazy because I was wearing clothes and it was mid day. Both things usually add a pound or two. But I used 160 so my weights were 240, 160 and 120.

So off I went. I had never done Linda, but watched a video of a guy do it in mid twenty minutes. He was insane. Jack B as done it in upper and mid twenties. All of those did the deadlidts without putting the bar down. I did not do that. I am sure it would have been quicker, but on my first time through, I thought I was leave some in the tank. Just in case.

Shockingly the deadlifts felt easy, pretty much all the way through. 1 rep at a time, but never really hard. The bench press was a breeze for me at 160. I never had to break those sets up. The squat cleans were a mere 120. But I was protective of my knee. I made sure every rep that I got a wide stance and forced my knees out on the way down. Below are a few pictures, one deadlift and one catching the clean. I feel like I did a good job of not pulling with my arms, getting under the bar and opening my hands at the top. Given that Melissa took these pictures above when I did not notice, it seems like I did that pretty well.

John Scott was also doing this, and we shared the bench press. Had to switch weights, which took a little time, but not much.

Time: 25:58.

I will do this again, and I will do touch and go deadlifts as much as I can. And once my knee feels better, the same for the squat cleans. I think a strong goal is sub 25 and an aspirational goal is 20 flat.

I also love my new AC/DC shirt. First album I ever bought and still loving them for working out to.

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