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Friday, January 14, 2011

Crossfit San Francisco

Exactly 1 year since my last visit to CF SF.

And once again, hop off a plane, drive across town and hit a wod. Last year , it was heavy lifting Thursday - where I showed my feebleness in the back squat. Although I have improved, I was glad for something else.

This time, Carl Paoli - Olympic gymnast from Span, and the guy who taught Jason Khalippa a back flip in 20 minutes. Today, shoulder work. A huge volume twenty minute wamrup of lunges, skips, bearcralws, plate drags and walkouts. Very hard work.

Then 5 rounds of max rep sumble press. I used 50s which made it tough. Then used 35 to get some more volume. Then 4 minute tabata of burpees and v sits. A great finisher.

A great place, deep roster of great coaches and a great wod.

But I was not done. After a little coffee, I cam back for some knee treatment.

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