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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wed 11/17

All better. But down under 160 pounds.

Back to CFOT.
Shoulder press x 3 - worked up to 165.

Then onion skin - 3 rounds of max pullups in one set - rest remainder of 3 minutes.Max strict press of 95 pounds in a set, and rest remainder of 3 minutes. Repeat cycle 3 times.

One of my recent goals was to crack 30 pullups, and of all things, I was able to get this today. 15 were easy, a little pause hanging on the bar and, then maybe 5 or 3 more at a time until I was getting just 1 at a time.

This hurts your grip and lats terribly. So the rest of the sets suffered greatly from this first effort. But happy to hit 30 and looking up that soon.

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