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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday 11/19 - FS, bottom tabata squat, 1 mile "run"

Pure evil.

Back home to CFOT. Front squat x 3 with Vinnie and coach Melissa. Vinnie is so strong, and never seems to tire. His wrists hurt limiting him slightly. I try to show him how I position the bar so that it does not hurt. He proceeds to out squat me by 45 pounds for 3 reps. I got 205 x 3. DId 225 for 1 and then failed on rep, that is my PR so I was happy to match it. But really felt it in my butt/quads. I was sore already from that max effort.

Too bad. Cause then tabata squats. And rest at the bottom. Are you kidding me! I do not have what they call muscular endurance. I was in serious pain. Maintained 12, but fell to 10 in round 7. Back to 12 in the last round. I was on the floor. I think a tear came out.

Too bad. Go run a mile - immediately. Vinnie was out the door and running as I was picking myself off the floor. He was way out ahead. I limped home in 10:17. For the first time ever, the limitation was not my cardio, but my legs that were on fire.

I have skinny legs, and they are not strong. This destroyed me.

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