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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thurs 11/18

Flew to NY on Wed night. Had a huge steak which was good as I regained my strength. But I drank very little and went to bed by 11, which is not what my coworkers did.

Getting to bed early allowed me to go to CF NYC (Black Box) in the morning at 7:15. Not my time of day, but my only chance. Note this cycle of choices and how it can effect your fitness. Be moderate at night and you can exercise early. And then as an aside, I presented to our Board of Directors - a stoic group of Japanese men - and absolutely nailed it. A 10 minute presentation that left them with no questions and actually smiling. I was energetic and did not forget a single point we wanted to convey.

Or, I could have raged at night on the company dime, and gotten in little sleep and no workout, and had a head throbbing presentation. Not afraid to say I have done dance that before.

Taking the better choice over the long term makes a big difference. I thought of that as I saw one of my NY coworkers for the first time in a few months. He is 40+, goes out late, drinks in empty calories and does not exercise. He looks like shit.

Sure once in a while I like to let loose, but the level, frequency and definition of that has changed over time.

Anyway, back to CF NYC. They follow the main site. Hang Power cleans x 3.

My lats were killing me from the prior day, and my stamina was still recovering. After a self warmup, they spent 10 minutes doing the Burg warmup and some drills. Then 1 person per bar and start the cleans. I liked the warmup and learned a cue or two in the into. Otherwise, I could have done this in the hotel gym. Not a single word of coaching. Worked up to 145, limited by my wrists and forearms tiring out.

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