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Monday, November 08, 2010

Team Event #3

Row 8,000 meters as a team

Early Sunday morning we had to return for WOD 3. They had announced it the night before, row 8,000 meters as a team.

Team Awesome is not really your ideal rowing team - you know (tall, large people.) We may be tough as nails, but put us on rowers and we have a lot of making up to do. No surprise that some of the team that had tall women, tall and or heavier men did very well.

So that is it. Only the top 5 teams got to complete the 4th WOD. Also known as - the WOD with bodyweight movements and Olympic lifts that I would have loved to do. We are going to do that one in the gym sometime soon, and I will report back on the results then.

Thanks to all that came out to watch, and those who gave us support. And thanks to my teammates. They were in a word: Awesome.

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