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Thursday, April 01, 2010

15 C&J, Run 1mile, 15 C&J

Ouch. That is all I can say. As I warmed up, the cleans were going OK. The more weight I added, it still was OK. So next thing you know, I was at the Elite 16# and it was time to go. The jerks - I still need to work on getting a jerk as compared to a push press. Some reps were better than others. Melissa was particularly watchful.

Beautiful day for a run. Which was ruined, by Dina chasing me down and reminding me that Crossfit is not about a slow jog on a sunny day, it is about pushing yourself past your limits. Damn.

The last 7 - 10 C&J were hateful. I could feel my heart pounding. I had to pull a Harold. I am sure that it helped. But after the end, I put my shirt out like a beach towel on the sand and was flat on my back gasping for air for a very long time.

Time 17:07.

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