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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pull up, push up, run, repeat

Jerry has flat out told me that interval work should be my focus. When I run out of energy in a WOD - slow runs, standing around gasping, etc - he equates that to "not having a big enough gas tank". And to improve that, I should do intervals.

I agree, and I have tried to add some sprint or row repeats twice a week if we have a lifting day.

No need today, as the WOD was 5 interals of approx 20 pullups, 30 pushups and a 400m run. Each round we subtracted 2 of each, but the runs stayed the same.

Out of the gate I came in at 301. Joel had a blazing 245 and jack nearly ran me over to pass me at the door. After 2 minutes rest I was able to get 348, 402, 412 and 358. Looks like I went out too fast on round 1. I felt rough on the runs, but kept pushing. Knowing that I could collapse temporarily after each round helped. But I felt it. And the 80 degrees and hot sun were not helping. We went from mild to hot real quick.

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