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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Push Press, Ring Dip, Burpee: 20 min Amrap sets of 9

With more people than sets of rings at the 1230 hour of power, I chose to start on push press. You could have guessed that one.

So 20 minutes to get as many rounds as you can of the above 3 movements for 9 reps each. Holy mother of god do my triceps hurt this very second an hour after finishing that.

I got 7 full rounds plus 9 push press. I was mid-burpee, but the clock went off. So I will not count that one. Call it 7 1/3 rounds even.

Push press is easy for me but 63 reps later (115# by the way), I am in a high level of pain. I got 4 rounds of 9 reps non stop. 1 round of 9 reps with a pause. And then the last 2 rounds I had to drop the bar.

Burpees. Just keep moving. Tried real hard to get those feet all the way under me and to land on the heels. That helps on the jump. Plus, I did 3 switched directions and kept that pattern up. Helped me to count, and 3 sets of 3 with a 2 second break seems a lot easier than 9 in a row.

Ring dips. Of course Chad and I watched the video on the mainsite today. They also were doing ring dips and pulled this classic out. Thumbs to armpits and the lock out on top. Easier said than done. And more painful. But better for that elusive muscle up as Jason Khalipa effortlessly demonstrates.

Here is me in some pain:

Did I say ouch yet? Ouch.

Done and totally spent:

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