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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What’s up Doc? A perfect Checkup!

Let’s go back to May, 2008. The day my Dr. called me fat!

Every spring, around my birthday, I get a checkup. I was 39, a regular at the gym, and feeling OK about myself. Sure I seemed to be a little heavier on the scale, but I had not really noticed a change. Binge drinking once a week, fine. I was fit, right?

So there I was for the ‘08 annual physical. The scale read 185 lbs: Ouch! And although I was taking Lipitor, Doc discussed upping my dosage because my cholesterol level was still borderline high. That is when my Dr. took out a blank sheet of paper and plotted a simple graph. Looking back through my chart over the years, on one axis he listed my weights and across the bottom he plotted dates. You see - each year for the past 6, I had gained 2-3 pounds. Then Doc connected the dots and kept on going.
He looked at me: “Mark – if you keep this up you are going to weigh 200 lbs by the time you are 45.”

I had never hated my Doctor more. I was really pissed. But funny thing was, I was angry at him. Did my Dr. just call me fat? What does he know!

Through that summer and fall, I did nothing about it. But I was still pissed. Slowly but surely, I started to accept the fact that my Dr. was not the problem, it was me. Spin classes and bicep curls were getting be nowhere. That winter I was 185 still or more. And in May I was going to turn 40. I was starting to freak out and I needed to do something.

Feb 1, 2009 - Divine intervention in the form of CrossFit Oldtown opening up 6 blocks from my house. I had been to a personal trainer on that block, and I was intrigued at this new place opening up. What the heck was this Crossfit? So I walked in and put is all out there for one Jerry Hill. “I am turning 40 in 3 months and I am in the worst shape of my life – can you help?” I said.

I remember his response clear as if it were today. He paused, seemed to count the calendar in his head, then “ 12 weeks, yeah – we can really make some progress in 12 weeks”

I joined the next day, and as you all know, the story is much happier of late. I am hooked like crack on Crossfit and it is good for me. I have wildly exceeded my expectations and best of all:

You should have seen my Doctor’s expression today!
*Weight: 162 lbs.
*Blood pressure – 100/60. Pulse 55.
*Prescriptions – none.
*Cholesterol (without Lipitor) just fine!

In fact, Doc asked me to confirm that I was 40, because he thought I was 30. He also asked what I do for exercise; maybe I could give him some pointers.

Best of all, I made him dig though my charts, and find that damn graph from 2 years ago. We have re-plotted! And yeah, now I love going to get a checkup. And Doc is a big fan of Crossfit.


  1. SWEET!!
    Well done Mark, you moved the direction of the spiral!!

  2. Congratulations MarkyD! Inspirational!

  3. So proud of you Marky D! Every time I talk nutrition with an athlete I cite how well you have done, you inspire someone new everyday. I'm thinking this doc visit is good material for a video, it's been a while...

  4. Awesome coaches like you Jerry and Melissa make it very easy. Jerry, have built the community that attracts great people like Hazen and Erin, and seems to repel people with negative attitudes. With a little diet advice from Mark Sisson, all I do is show up, do the work and even have some fun.

    I am looking forward to another Perfect Checkup next year - eight after I compete in the CF sectionals. There - I said it! Maybe I'll be the only 42 year old rookie.