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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Jerk - 1 rep max

The problem with CFOT is that all the WODs are something I want to do. The ones that I think I will do well at - I want to do. The ones that I need work on - I want to do. The ones that I know will hurt - I want to do.

It is hard to pick a rest day that I can live with.

Suffice to say that today's skill WOD of 1 rep max Jerk is a skill day and one I needed work on. Rule #1 - NO PRESS OUTS.

I was tired on the way in, and I should have taken a pass. It is hard to be faster than gravity when you are dragging ass. And working till 11pm every night this week is taking a toll.

I worked up to 185 - failing my next attempt at 200 before calling it a day. I tried my best not to use my super natural pressing strength, and I think I succeeded. Chad C and I were strict about calling out any press outs.

Only 185 you say? Sure I could strict press that same 185. Or add 20 and push press 205. But I want to teach myself to get under the bar. Cause while I may one day push press 225 - I hope to one day jerk press 275. And today was step one down that path.

Tomorrow workout of deadlifts and wall balls looks one part awesome and one part awful. I better get some sleep.

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