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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sat Workout - Central Canada WOD #3

I saw this workout listed on the page and I immediately sent a copy to Jerry so we could do it. 5 rounds of a mere 5 Power Cleans (155#), 10 burpees and a 200m run. Basically 3 exercises, not too many reps, and a short run.

In my mind, I would destroy this WOD. I thought I could match up well against the best in our gym, and the best anywhere. I was thinking 10 minutes. At least I am an optimist.

Round 1 went well. I was super raring to go. I ripped off the 5 power cleans with ease, did 10 insanely paced suicide style burpees. I was literally flying and throwing myself around. And then the run, it was short, but I was already redlining. So I felt myself being limited. But round 1 I walked back in the door in 1:45. In theory if I could hold on, I could do 10 minutes.

I was right behind Melissa, and she not only did out do me in round 1, but she was maintaining. Her conditioning is awesome and her hard work is paying off. Me - not so much.

The cleans were easy all the way through. I feel like I was able to get after them without resting. But the burpees made me pause and gasp, and my remaining runs were slow.

I hung on and ended up 12:46. My math tells me that after my 1:45 round 1, the rest averaged 2:45. I still loved it, but I would have loved it more to keep going at a better pace. Steck passed me in round 2. That is what being fit is about. It is not how you start, but how you finish.

But then again, round 1 was a hell of an output and perhaps one of the most aggressive starts to a WOD I have ever done. Even though it ruined me, it felt pretty awesome.

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