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Friday, April 02, 2010

April First Friday - JT

This is the only workout I can remember getting a DNF in. There have been a lot that I have wanted to quite - but I trudged through. There are several that I am afraid to try - Eva, etc. But JT is the one WOD that I tried, and physically could not do. The 21-15-9 combination of handstand pushups, ring dips and pushups is an evil combination.

About 6 months ago, I tried it on a FF and just could not do any more handstand pushups. Today, it got to the point, where I started off with 10+ without a break. And I ended the set of 9 by going 3,3,2,1. And the pushups were 2 at a time too.

Amazing - in a bad way.

But I am glad to conquer this demon. It was bugging me. But now, my shoulders feel like a flame thrower is pointed at each.

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