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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back Squat x2 with chains

A few Sat. ago we did this WOD and I used 165 all way through. Thanks to this trusty blog, I noted that I thought 165 was too light that day. So today working with Manchester and Chiro Paul, I started at 165 and soon moved up to 175, 185, 195 and 200 for the final 4 rounds. The last few were very tough and almost did not get the last rep at 200.

What is up with the black hoodie you say? Well of course it looks bad ass with the chains hanging off the bar. But also, pulling that hoodie up blocks out distractions and is also a cue for me to get in the zone. You can see in the video that I attack the bar off the rack and get right into it. Squats are tough for me. I have poor flexibility in both my shoulders and hips, I am not the strongest leg strength guy around, etc. So I have to get into a zone. And I think I did. In addition to me grunting and desperately trying to get that last rep, I hear some other grunts in the background. It was a serious primal workout for all.

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Here is video of me in round 7 (the last round) with a mish-mash of weights totaling 200 + the chains.

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