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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Doing the Hopper proper

So the CFOT Hopper style event is in less than a week. For all of those who participated in the recent Mid Atlantic Hopper, or otherwise - I wonder what you recommend for the week leading up to an event. Plus this is First Friday, would I skip that?

The last few weeks, I have overdone it. I have been coming in 5 days a week. I think that is a little much for me - based on my feeling sore almost all of the time, plus my constant tiredness. My little trip to Vegas squeezed in this month did not help my energy level at all. So in a nutshell, I am sore, tired and apparently cranky.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


  1. "sore, tired and apparently cranky." is not a good place to be.

    I would go mon, take tues off, go wed, take thurs and fri off based on; "sore, tired and apparently cranky."

    Most should go; Mon, tues, wed, take thurs and fri off

  2. Yup. I notice my overall energy level is low lately and I am sore as well. I need to recharge and shake this off.

    Thanks for the advice Jerry.

  3. Mark:

    Here is what I would suggest.

    1) As Jerry suggests, take Thursday and Friday off.

    2) Make sure your nutrition is spot on all week, but pay special attention to competition day nutrition. Check out Robb Wolf's blog on the link here and pay special attention to the section on "What about Multi-event days?"

    Robb is in to this real low carb thing, though. He does note throughout his blog post that low carb diets are not good for met-con oriented people.

    At this point, we are a few days away. Don't change anything drastic. Sleep and get ready to have fun. On game day, make a plan. will you stay at the box all day? If so, bring your creature comforts, food, etc. Control what can be controlled.

  4. Harold. Thanks for the info and advice. Today, I had a travel related rest day but the diet suffered greatly.

    I better clean up my act and fast.