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Monday, November 16, 2009

Snatch it

Snatch 1x1x1x1x1

Not my best lift. It is so technical and requires such flexibility. Jerry calls it more like ballet than weightlifting. No surprise I am a slow learner. Starting with just the bar and adding 20# at a time I did fairly acceptably at 45, 65, 85, 105 and 125. 125 was probably my best lift. At 135 I failed once and then tried 136 (why?) and pressed it out. Not really a snatch lift. Worked back down and the form was better at 105 again. I need to get under the damn bar and stop trying to lift it to the ceiling.

Worked on M/U progression. Raised the rings a little more over last time and hit 8-10 reps. Jerry suggested I not overdo it since tomorrow's WOD has lots. A chipper and it looks rough.

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