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Monday, November 02, 2009

Snatch Met-Con, PR

3 Snatch (Elite 135#, I did Pro 120#)
6 Muscle Up (I subbed Lou Burpees)
9 24" Box Jump

Time 9:38

I flew through today, powered by a chip on my shoulder that I could not handle the Elite snatch weight of 135#. Last week we did the heavy deadlift metcon. That day the 15 rep Elite weight was 94% of my deadlift PR. I hammered it that day and got all 15. One of my most satisfying WOD's ever!

Today was a little different story. Today, the Elite snatch weight was 108% of my prior PR. I tried and knocked out an ugly, ugly pressed out snatch at 135# in the warm up, and was counselled to drop down to Pro at 120# (aka 96% of my PR) . I had three goals in mind today. Doing the Rx weight, doing the WOD in under 10 minutes, and getting Muscle-Up #1. Let's just say I accomplished one of the goals (time).

I love that I still walk in the door with crazy goals. Doing a WOD with 15 reps of 108% of your PR is not realistic. But that is just me. I like to think I am one of the strongest people at CFOT and that I should always do the Elite weight. Notice I said "think." Today, it was just not going to happen.

Subbing the Lou Burpees for MU's, I furiously attached this WOD and knocked it out in 9:38. As of lunch, that was the low time of the day. Granted, I scaled the weight and subbed a movement - so big deal.

After the WOD, I borrowed Soni's bar with 135# and worked it a couple of times until Jerry pronounced my last rep an ugly, but legit PR. Book it. 14 more and I could have done the WOD Elite!

Mark this down my friends. Nov. 2, 2009 will be the last day that I have to scale a weight and do less than Elite. Clock be damned, pain be damned. I am gonna pack a lunch and some almonds and it is gonna be game on.

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