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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

225 Front Squat...... what I did not get today.

Given the front squat was my undoing at the CFOT Hopper, I have a score to settle here. I have made great progress of late (my 3 rep max on July 31 was posted as 155# which then increased to a 1 rep max of 215# on Sept 23.) But just like I could not do 21,15,9 with 155# after two hopper events, I could not quite get 225# today.

I ended with 210# for 2 and 220# for 1. The 220# was a little high, and rep 2 was low, but no getting back up. Best set was an extremely deep 205# for 2 that Jerry said was as deep as Vinnie's. That is as high a compliment as I can expect.

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