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Monday, November 23, 2009

Holy crap! Power Week = PR Week.

Last week was unreal. Power week at CFOT! And looking back I am shocked at how I came through it. First of all, I showed up Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur & Fri. That kind of breaks my self imposed rest day rules, but this was a fun stretch. I skipped some of the extra work, so I guess that helped me survive.

But given that on Tues we had that wicked chipper with the 15 clean and jerks at 155#, and that was the WOD that was considered our Metcon day. This was some week.

A recap:

Sat - Power clean x 1 - 200# - PR!
Mon - Power Snatch x 1 - 135# -PR!
Tues - Chipper
Wed - Front Squat x 2 - 210# - PR!
Thurs - Strict Press x5 - 147# - PR!
Fri - Deadlift x3 - 336# - PR!
and Fri - 1 mile run - 8:28 - PR!

You note that my last two days I did some incremental weights. I like Jerry's idea to always improve, even if it is only 1#. Plus a DL of 335# is just as hard as 336#, so why not.

2 days this week and then a week off. Happy days.

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