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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to the 200 club

Power cleans 1x1x1x1x1

I have not done 1 rep max cleans since Sept. something, or about 8 weeks. Last time I added a massive 2 lbs to my PR and climbed from 185 to 187. I have since had several WODs with power cleans that I hit 185 for 3 reps, so I knew I had to up my results today.

I tried to remember the many, many cues that Coaches Jerry and Melissa had given me. The biggest ones being a very powerful jump, and speed under the bar.

I worked up to 185. Then hit 195 - yay. Tried 200 and just barely missed. It was there, but I did not put my elbows up.

One last try. Big jump, quick under the bar, and elbows up. I felt it coming back down, but I would not let it go. Pointing the elbows to the window, I willed it back up. Felt nice.

Thanks for the tips coaches. A 13# PR feels real nice.

Look for a very special blog post this weekend. My overdue 9 months of Crossfit recap. It has not been all highs - as it can never be. My first injury, and disappointing days at FGB and the Hopper. I will expand.

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