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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

An even Hundy

WOD 11/4:

Total reps max strict shoulder press/strict pull ups
5 rounds of each exercise - 20 minute time limit
A round ends when you put the bar down, or come off the bar.

Once again my eyes were bigger than my abilities. I saw some of the earlier efforts and thought that I had a solid shot of leading the day. I never really account for fatigue, yet like gravity, it is always there to kick your ass.

My results by round:
Strict Press+Pull ups=Total
1 15+10=25
2 15+10=25
3 9+9=18
4 9+7=16
5 9+7=16

Total 57+43=100 (Good, but I wanted more)

Tim "The Natural" Reboulet put on a show with 20 pullups in round 1, and was leading the day with about 120 reps.

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