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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Why I Crossfit

Fall soccer is here and my daughter Stella is really starting to like team sports. Looking around, I notice that there are three types of dad's at these games: the absent, the idle and the active dad.

The absent ones simply are not there. I guess that is why you here the term soccer mom so much. Why a dad would miss his kids entire soccer season is beyond me. Girls playing sports is important and no one should be more excited to see their little girl hustling, competing and being tough than her dad.

The idle dads show up, plant a lawn chair and sit through the game, then go home. Is it so hard to stand up for an hour? Based on the demographic of the 40 year old white men I see at these games, I think it might be. A lot of lazy, round dads out there.

The active dad. I am glad to say this is me (at least it is now). Helping chase down the out of bounds balls, and playing a pickup game with Stella after the real game is over. I think Stella is a little sad that I can out run her this year. But she loves that we can run and play together. So do I.

Being an active dad is my #1 reason to be Crossfit.

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