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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strict (PR)ess

As in PR!

Looking way back to July 27 - I had a PR strict press that day of 170 when I weighed 168. Clearly Strict Press is one of the few things I excel at, but I want more. I want to keep increasing how much more than my body weight I can put over my head. Today I weigh 161, so let's roll.

I decided to knock this WOD out before work because I was too amped up to put it off for a few more hours. We got started with a nice 6 minute AMRAP of 15 box jumps, 15 Russian swings and a 9 cal row. I was late, and literally had to jump right into it. I could tell I had some energy because my box jumping was Soni-like spring jumps.

Time to lift. We had 4 guys and we shared a bar. I am pretty sure that I was pacing like an expectant puma in between lifts.

95,115, 135, and 155 all felt good. Then 165 felt pretty good too. I had planned to try some small increment like 171, but Mike Mann put 175 on the bar. And here it is - (the second clip)

Got it, but it was tough. I did not throw the bar down in my signature style. Throwing it down and then having to clean that much weight the day after a 36 heavy squat clean WOD is obnoxious. Mike did a drop set after his big lift, and others did Annie - but I had to get to work. I plan to ab mat later. Really!

A nice way to start the day.


  1. Way to go Mark! It is so fun to watch all your successes!

  2. Erin - This is one thing that I have always been good at, and now I am even better.

    So today was fun for me.

    But I have a very long laundry list of things I cannot do at all - like a 10 mile race in 90 minutes - and even more that I need to improve.

    So lets keep pushing each other. And lets have a big sad sendoff for you when you go.

    Thanks for the shout out.

  3. "I am pretty sure that I was pacing like an expectant puma in between lifts."

    So you were walking like a pregnant Puma?

    In seriousness, congrats! Someday I might be able to do more than 60% of my bodyweight, but more than? That's ridiculous strength.

    Just wondering, do you have any sucess with handstand push ups?

  4. Adam - Yup , but I was giving birth to some big overhead lifts. I can always tell when it is a max lift day, because I get angry and irritable. I am sure that I am pretty much of a dick, as opposed to my usual easy going and joking self.

    As for handstand pushups - For sure. I am very good a those too, and find them very similar. I love the Diane WOD with 21-15-9 225# deadlifts and HS pushups. Although 21 of anything is tough.