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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UPDATE: Fran - 5:30

I am so impressed with all the low times from this morning's Fran. To get a top 5 men's time, you basically have to go under 4 minutes. Way back on June 22: my prior best was 6:33

I have been feeling really strong this lately. My shoulder is recovering and I have been taking a few more rest days. I think it all clicked when we did the deadlifts last week and got 315 x 3. It is like: wait - I am actually getting very strong. I know that conditioning is my weak link, but I am glad to be making progress. Fran is better for me because it is shorter than some other benchmarks.

Andrea gave some solid advice - which was A: really jump the bar, B: don't drop the bar and C: don't bother to rest. Easier said than done, but she is right on all counts. You are not going to recover, and resting the bar on your shoulders is good enough. Still, I dropped once each round. Next time, I will do better.

In June I did not have a solid pull up. I only came of the bar once each round today, vs many many times in the past.

1 more WOD before Vegas and a little mental break. I am sooooo ready.


  1. Coach - I owe you a lot of credit.

    The programming has been great. I used to fear Fran. But compared to the 100 Thruster with 15 pull-up penalty Sat WOD from a few weeks ago, not so much. Plus, your tip for me doing frog-kick pull-ups is magical. I can do them very quickly, and don't really tire. I must have saved a minute there alone.

    I was not even wrecked afterwards. Clearly, I need to go harder next time.