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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ear Muffs

Holy Shit! I don't curse on a frequent basis, but ..... Holy Shit!!! This WOD just bitch-slapped me.

Today's WOD: 10 rounds of-
3 Power Cleans (Elite: 185#s, SONI: 165#s)
5 L-Sit Chins
7 dips (w 20 # vest)

If I ever thought I was Elite, this WOD kindly rejected that notion. Granted my prior Max 1-rep Power Clean was 187#. So attempting 30 reps at 185 is insane. But I really tried.

And here is how it went:
Round 1 @ 185 - 5 reps: 3 good, 2 fail
Round 2 @ 185 - 4 reps: 3 good, 1 fail
Round 3 @185 - 6 reps: 3 good, 3 fail
Round 4 @185 - 3 reps, 3 fail.

So I stripped off 20#s. Jerry was not really happy to see me
strip the weight, I could tell. Shockingly I failed some more at 165 . But after a me
ntal reset, I
got back on track. I don't think I got any round without at least 1 fail. I was knocked on my ass after one particular miss. Yeah, this was a dog fight. 50 L-sit chins and 70 reps of 20#
weighted dips were a relative breeze if that tells you anything.

The board said there was a 30 minute time limit, but although I was just done with round 7, I knew Jerry would not let me quit, and I was glad. 43:43 later I finished. Other than Murph, this was my longest WOD, and it was pure struggle. Jerry was there for me, and correctly pointed out my slow elbows and need for more speed getting under the bar. I agree that the power is there to get 185 more consistently, but the form is not. It is just hard to correct under extreme duress, mid-WOD.

This WOD was epic. I feel like a little bit more of a man just for finishing.


  1. Epic struggle.
    Man verse an unyielding task.
    The task remains the same, only the man can change.

  2. I am definitely changing - from Pro to Elite. Just give me time.

  3. Great effort Mark. To just put the weight on the bar and try Elite is elite effort in my book. Some of us are still scared to just put the weight on the bar...

    Elite status, watch out... Mark D is on the prowl!

  4. Thanks Erin. RIght now I am crawling not prowling because everything hurts the on day after.

  5. Dude, great work. Just looking at the picture, looks like you could shrug more and bend arms less. Tough to tell just looking at it. Everytime I clean, I think two things ... pull/shrug and get under the bar. F'in strong effort.

  6. Blain,

    You are right. The pictures are a downer as I see form faults in each one. But at least I know that if I clean up my form I will be able to up the weight.

    Hats off to you for killing that one and this morning as well. I feel like I was hit by a bus today and my lifts jerks reflected that.