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Monday, October 26, 2009

Snatch & Go

You could tell that we would be doing a lot of snatches in the near future - as coach said so both last week and on Saturday. And as frustrated as he seemed with our collective ability last week, he seemed much happier today.

15 C2B pullups, 9 snatch, 400m run
12 C2B pullups, 12 snatch, 400m run
9 C2B pullups, 15 snatch, 400m run

Time 15:59

My PR in snatch is 125 (last week) and it was not perfect. So today, I scaled down from the Rx of 115# to 100#s to work the form. I also have flexibility issues which make overhead squats not really a part of my arsenal.

More than anything today, I focused on the explosive jump. Of course, the final part of the move is to get low and under the bar - quickly - but that is for another time. I find that personally, I can really improve on one facet of a move at a time, and that once that is routine, then move on to the next. By the end of the WOD, I felt very warmed up, and the range of motion was getting better and better. Next time we try a max snatch, I am going to nail a ton of light and mid weight reps to really warm it up. (Hello - I'm 40)

I was happy with the day. As happy as I could be when scaling. C2B pullups were good, although I had to partition after 5 reps, but I absolutely smacked mid chest to bar.

More videos to come by the way. Hope you like. But even though I like to have a good laugh, first and foremost, I love getting the work in.

p.s. The secret of the 12:30 class is out. 10 or 12 people today just killing it.
p.p.s Newbie Jen is a natural. I am jealous of her natural ability and I foresee her beating me in WODs any day now.

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