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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Met Con Thursday

110224 Thursday 5 rounds - 400row, 30 double-unders, 20 Medicine ball cleans, 15 toe-2-bar

I am not a fan of many workouts over 10 minutes, 12 and I get cranky. I never really committed in my mind to do 5 rounds of this, but Koz (Met-Koz) was ahead of me every step of the way. I figured, if I could not beat him in 3 rounds, I might as well push through for 5.

I had one focus and I was able to accomplish it. In rounds 1,2 and 5 I was able to get the double unders unbroken. 3 and 4 I broke once. Yes, I still do single, double, single double. But considering my past ineptitude - this was big. In round 5 I got off the rower, grabbed a quick sip of water and got aggressive as I finished all 30. I jumped harder than I thought I needed to, and it got me through without tripping up. After 2 rounds of not being able to get them all, that I was on a mission.

A serious confidence boost.

The rest of the wod, I was unremarkable. Workmanlike at best.


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