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Friday, February 04, 2011

Deadlift vs Paleo

30 days into the Paleo challenge. I had a real question going into this:

If I cleaned up my diet, would I lose any fat, muscle, weight or strength?

Apparently I can have it all. My diet is cleaner (but not perfect), and with the same exercise regimen, I lost weight which I have to assume was a little fat and added 10# to my deadlift, which I think is a great test of strength. Another 30 days for me.

Before - Deadlift / Weight - 355/163 = 2.18
Now - Deadlift / Weight - 365/157 = 2.32 +7%

I am really wanting a 400# deadlift in 2011. Along with a 225# clean, a 3:30 Fran, 50 double unders, and on and on. I think these are some realistic goals. But for now, I am really shocked that I have lost 6 pounds and yet not lost any strength at all. Really shocked.

And now - time for a beer or two. I earned them.

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