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Monday, February 14, 2011

hspu and strict pullups, then row intervals

15 minute amrap of 1 hspu / 1, 1 strict pullup, then 3/3 then 5/5 and start back at 1/1 as you repeat.

I was able to get 9 full rounds of that. Danny came in later and got 10 rounds. His pullups were effortless. So even though I did well, someone always can do better.

Part 2, I came back to do my row interval extra work. today was 200m sprints every 2 minutes. I went for it and really taxed myself. Round 1 was the fastest split I have ever done. No surprise, I could not maintain it. I was able to improve at the end, but at great physical cost (pain). My range was 37.8* to 42.8. So the split was 5 seconds. The goal was 3. But the 37.8 was a full 2 seconds better than last week, and my last row was 40.7, which was inside that 3 second window.

But as I said, it hurt - a lot. I felt really bad for 15 solid minutes. Like I had done Fran. And an hour later, I was still not great. But I know that I really pushed it, and I know it helps.

Jared came in and did his runs and encouraged me. John Scott had just finished, as had Melissa. I am proud that we are all working so hard. This work is really awful. It is worth it, but awful while you are doing it.

*A 37.8 second 200m row is equal to a 1:34.5 500m pace. I know that I could not maintain that pace for an entire 500m, but I could come close. I note that for the few times I was watching the display, I saw a 1:33 pace listed. So I must have maintained that pace for nearly the whole 200m. Most of the time, I just close my eyes and count pulls. I have an idea of when I am nearly at 200m, and closing my eyes seems to less awful than watching the display count down.

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