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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sectionals Open - A look back

All the scores are not in, but I did not do well. I placed somewhere about 600th out of 700th in the Mid Atlantic. I may or may not have placed last out of the CFOT men.

It all came down to conditioning. Mine is not great, and I was reminded of it 6 wods in a row. At Cfot there are some wods I do well at. If there are hspu's, then I will do well. Basic pullups, sure. But c2b pullups, and more advanced skills such as oh squats, double unders and high box jumps expose me as the middle-aged mediocre athlete that I am. I am a specialist with strong shoulders.

Overall it was a very humbling experience for me. I would have liked to see a few differences in the exercises that came up. But I can either complain about it or get better. I am going to get better.

I decided early on to only do each workout once. I am sure I could have improved my scores with a repeat. Experience helps with strategy, etc. But I am almost happier to have my one and only scores posted as a reminder to get to work and improve. I have two more years of competing before I will be in the master's division. I hope to slowly but steadily improve and defy time. Looking around at Gar, Mike Hart, Hazen, Jeff Tincher, and Jerry - gives me great hope.

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