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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A week of posts

I have been on the road and very neglectful of my dear blog readers.

A recap.

Sunday - Vegas!! - Not Paleo dude.
Monday - LV to San Diego - No sleep. Work. Then sleep.
Tuesday - Up early. Drove up the beautiful coast to Cardiff by the Sea and hit the backyard box that is CF Solana Beach. 5 sets of heavy thrusters. I did 165 for 2. Then Fran overlooking the ocean in 5:20. I am not great working out in the early am, and this proves it.
Wed - Work trip is done. A drive down to Crossfit Invictus before flying home. Heavy strict press - up to 176 x 2. Heavy pullups (up to 53 x3) then a metcon. Good stuff. Slept all the way across the country.
Thurs - Rest and recover. Or not. Fly to NYC for a big dinner and very late night of drinking.
Fri - No sleep. Fly home, work. Then hit The Eliminator after work. Made it through 180s and a little. Double unders were improved. A great wod.
Sat- Happy birthday to me. A long wod, in the rain in a vest. Glorious.

What a week. Slept in 4 cities in 5 days. Sort of slept. Ate badly, drank to much. But somehow still got in 4 crossfit wods. I am going to sleep like a baby.

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