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Monday, May 23, 2011

The CrossFit Regional Open WODs

While I was nowhere near making the CrossFit Games regional round, I still get to do the workouts. As often happens, I feel like I would do better at some of these workouts than the ones used to qualify for them. Some thoughts:

Here is a link to see the WODs:

#1 is my favorite. I would do well. We are doing the 30 hspu today and I am excited.
2 I like, I have done 205.
3 would kill me - not sure I could finish if there was a time limit, or at all with that weight. We are doing this at 275 today, so I will comment on that later.
4 would be tough for me. 5 I could not do.
6 looks tough, but fun. Good luck to everyone.

But more importantly - this weekend I went to the beach, and was reminded that it is shirts off season. Thank goodness for CrossFit.

Why you ask?

This is why:

Before: 39 and a little soft <-----

After: 42 and after 2+ years of CrossFit. Much more beach worthy----->

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