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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For the love of the hspu

In CrossFit, we do many, many exercises. And almost all require some combination of technique and/or muscle groups working together. From the basic airsquat that uses quads, glutes and hammies, to the Olympc lifts that require a balance of proper technique, set up, power, positioning and muscle groups. It is complicated stuff. And of course, it works.

But who can blame me for loving the strict press, and its gymnastic cousin the - handstand pushup. The movements are true and pure. Push directly against the bar in the direction you want it to go. There is a little more to it, but not much.

Today, we did 10 minutes of hspu work. Coach suggested about 3 reps per minute in a style that challenged you. For some people, just getting upside down is the challenge. And at first it was for me as well. But now, I almost prefer it to being upright. It just feels right. Others may use an abmat under the head to decrease the range of motion. Some go flush on the floor, some add plates for the hands to increase the range of motion. Or maybe you want to up the ante and use the rings. Or perhaps you are nuts and wear a weight vest.

Or, maybe - if you really feel frisky - you do it all. HSPU with a 20# vest - from the floor, then added plates, and finally on the rings. Why the hell not. I was able to do 5 or more on the floor. 3 or more using added plates. 2 in a row on the rings. And then I got tired real quick and could only get one at a time. Was my back arching? - maybe so. Lets see you try ring hspu with a vest. It's fucking hard. But there is no more fun that I can have in that room than being upside down - wearing a vest, pushing as hard as I can against the rings and having my body rise up. At least until I do it after a muscle up - which I guess is next up.


Here is a link of me doing one a few months back without the vest. Since then, I have learned to lower the rings, and to tighten up so you don't swing. Like anything else, with practice, you get better.

Fun little chipper afterwards. Just beat the rain with our 400m run. No vest.

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  1. Dude, loved this post. You're a monster...and looking ridiculously skinny too! Inspiring work!