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Friday, May 06, 2011

Death by hspu

I am wrecked from this week. Lets recap:

Mon Heavy back sqauts x5 reps

Tues - rx +20# Hero Wod Jack

Wed - 55 reps of 225# deadlifts for time, plus ring dips and pullups. Mostly unbroken.

Thurs - Can harldy walk

Fri - first friday, but no energy or enthusiasm. I had planned to do Nancy to work on my oh squats. But among my sore spots - my hamstrings felt like guitar strings, and the bottom of my feet were sore - as was my lower back from box jumps and kb swings respectively.

So I wussed out and limited my chosen wod to hspu. As Kevin Hare said to me "way to work your weaknesses" He is right. It was lame. I got 11 full rounds and 6 more, which is not my best. My head was not in it. But I feel better now. ANd I have some time off coming up. So I foresee a full recovery mentally and physically.

See you in a week.

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