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Friday, October 01, 2010

The last MarkyD WOD

As a prize for raising a bunch of money for FGB, I got the chance to program WODs for 3 days. Shoulder press and hspu 24/7!
Actually, I did have hspu nad clean and jerk in there, but I also tried to mix it up. Having recently gotten my first muscle up, I decided to add the her WOD "Nate" in the mix. I loved doing that one, and was very proud of being able to string together consecutive muscle ups many times, and ultimately got through almost 12 rounds. Not to mention that I hate KB swings, and this one used the 70# bell. 3 days later the 96 swings are still crushing me.

Yesterday I threw in a little metcon. What? Of course I am not a met con kind of guy, but I have to put in the work just like everyone else. Originally, I planned a terrible combination of burpee box jumps, ghd situps, weighted walking lunges and 400m runs. The weather cancelled the runs (tornado warning) and put us on the rowers. And coach wisely removed the word "weighted" from the walking lunges.

As I type this I am headed to Vegas for my annual guys trip. This year, we roll 10 deep. Good god we are not getting into any clubs. So as my body is broken down from my own mini-week of programming, I am glad for a break. I have a massage planned, but not a workout for days. That should fix me. That and the MWODs. I will not stop those, cause at my age - I need them.

See you all soon.

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