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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snatch Balance x1, then Front Squat x 1

Such a basic move, I should be doing it more and more. Obviously. Worked up to 110. I had some speed, but need more.

Front Squat. After long last. I got 225 down and back up. I had taken that ride down many, many times and could not come up. Melissa told me I was going too deep (is there such a thing - yes) and losing core tension. So I took her advice and nailed it. On the video, I was below parallel for sure, so that means I was going waaaay below parallel before that. Good to know. And sometimes video is helpful. Seeing what you did and associating it with how it felt will help me know how far to go next time.

Failed at 235, but glad I tried it.

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