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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Next up?

Of course the Hopper is next up. It is about 3 weeks away. But then what?

Training for the Hopper has been great. Being part of a team makes me want to improve and excel for them. Representing CFOT also plays into it. I know we all have a lot of pride for our home Crossfit. Crossfit changed my life. I would rank it up there with marriage and fatherhood as far as importance in my life. And Jerry, Melissa **** and the other coaches have been there for me as I transformed from fat middle aged white guy to athlete. So when it is Hopper go time, I will be representing them. I will push past my limits and bear risky levels of pain to perform better than ever before. I do not want to let anyone down.

And then.....

Then, I have been thinking of taking a break. Maybe a week, two or more. I might do something different for a while. The Hopper has been foremost on my mind for a month+. My progress and performance at CFOT have surpassed my own expectations. But I forsee a let down afterwards. I have been really wrapped up in it, and my balance is off. For now, it is damn exciting and hard not to get caught up in cf fever. But it is not sustainable for me.

Anyway, that is what I am thinking. I am either nuts or very sane. Not sure yet.

**** of course Jerry and Melissa get my main shout out - they are there for me day in and day out. But Danya, Danny, Andrea and Chriss as well. Granted, Andrea and Chriss' split from CFOT caused hard feelings, divides, rumors and ended friendships. But I will always be grateful to them for their coaching and support during my transformational first cf months. None of the other stuff matters to me. I wish them success, and miss them. Not everyone may see it that way, and that's enough about all that.

ps- I have not been drinking tonight. Just having some deep thoughts.

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