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Friday, October 22, 2010


I am behind on workout posts. Lets just say that this has been a tough week at CrossFit OldTown.

A brief recap, cause I am extra busy:

Wed - 9,7,5 Muscle-ups, Deadlifts, Lateral Burpees, C2B Pullups. I used 275 for the deadlifts, although 300 was htfu. I should have used 300. Not much difference really. I was able to do the last round touch and go for all 5, so the weight was not a prob. Muscle ups after chest to bar pullups, a whole nother thing. I was on the verge of a breakdown - super frustrated after missing time and again on the final muscle up. 3 minutes and 6 or 7 attempts for the single last rep! But overcoming that, no matter what the circumstances is part of CF. The clock does not matter, just do it. 14:56.

Thursday - run 600m then 21,15,9 of Push Press, abmat and airsquat. Actually it was GHD situps, but I backed down. But I upped the htfu weight on the push press from 115 to 135. Cause John Scott did it first and that is how I roll. I considered doing 145 just cause I am a smug push presser. I doubt it would have changed my time much. The runs were tough, cause I had been everyday this week, and my legs were sore already. 21:51

Friday - rest.

Sat - am wod I hope

Sunday - seminar at Potomac CF.

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